Controlling Cash Flow

Find out how five small businesses met the challenges of raising finance, from drawing up a business plan to securing investment. Complete with expert guides and tips to help you through the process.

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Six key routes to raising finance for a small business

In this guide, we look at the various paths to funding that can be undertaken by a small business. From crowdfunding to raising money through family and friends, it’s a definitive picture of today’s SME finance landscape.

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Connecting your business communications

As your business grows and your needs become more complex, it may be necessary to leave your old PBX system behind and choose a communication system that you can scale affordably. This guide from RingCentral discusses how.

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Maximising Online Sales Through Better Customer Experience

The payment solutions you provide as a business can depend on where your customers are and what kind of services are being offered. This report from WorldPay gives a comprehensive picture of the types of alternative payments to consider.

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Tough tablets for industrial settings

As tablet computers have grown in popularity, it has become clear that not all tablets are suited for every work task or environment. Organisations have begin to appreciate the value of tough tablets for different settings, as this Samsung guide reveals.

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Making a connection through communication technology

Today’s ultra-connected business world demands a fast rate of advancement when it comes to communication technology. In this guide, business owners reveal the technologies that have improved interactions with customers, suppliers and partners.

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How small and medium businesses can take on flexible working

Some 57 per cent of employees say the availability of flexible working in their workplace is important to them, according to Sage data. This guide to Sage 200 Online shows why more and more businesses are turning to the cloud.

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The suite of guides will help your business raise finance, communicate better through the use of technology, and set up alternative payment solutions to help drive growth.

In the ‘Six routes to raising finance’ guide, we interview five companies that each raised money in different ways, showcasing such methods as peer-to-peer finance, private investors, and government funding.

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